*****  THANKS, FAREWELL *****

As you may be aware, when my grandson, Joel, got engaged I decided to jot down a few words of marital advice for him, just for fun.  Then I thought, why share this wisdom with only one person when I can share it with the whole world.  So, I started this blog about eleven months ago, listing marital advice every week.  

In January of this year, the material from the blog, plus additional information, was published as the book, Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel.  

Well, I ran the blog far longer than I intended and said about all I have to say, so this will be my final posting.  To those who have read the blog from time to time, or regularly, thank you.  To those of you who purchased a copy of the book, I hope you enjoyed it.  

The blog will remain on the web for another couple of weeks before it disappears.  

Here are a few parting thoughts about marital life.  Farewell.

A Woman gets married when
she finds the man of her dreams.
A man gets married when 
he wakes up one morning and says to himself,
"I think it's time to get married," and he does - 
to the first woman who will have him. 

What would a man accomplish 
if he were to become rich and famous
and conquer the world,
if he didn't have the love of his life at his side
to share the journey.

A married couple develops their own language
and secret code.  It might be a touch, wink, sigh, voice 
inflection, or word that has special meaning
to them.  It is one of the unique things about
married life that forms a  special bond between the couple.

Just think - of the billions of men in the world,
your wife chose you.
That's how special she thinks you are.
Make it your life's mission to prove her right. 

Copyright  ©  2018 By Peter Davidson