Marital Advice
**** The Marital Bus ****
As the Marital Bus rumbles down the highway of life, there cannot be two people wrestling for the steering wheel, or surely the bus will crash.  Know when it is your turn to drive and when it is time to quietly sit in the back seat.

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Marital Advice
**** Our Happy, Happy Valentines Day ****
My wife and I have a unique Valentine's card ritual that we do every year.  
On Valentine's Day, we go to a card shop together and carefully study the cards.  After serious contemplation, we select a card for each other.  We exchange cards on the spot and read the card carefully selected for us by each other.  We thank each other for the wonderful, meaningful card and share a hug and a kiss right there in the card shop.
Then, we put the cards back on the rack and go to our favorite bar and buy some cocktails with the money we would have spent on the cards.  And, that's how my wife and I have a Happy, Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentines Day to You, However You Choose to Celebrate it.

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Copyright  ©  2018 By Peter Davidson
Marital Advice
**** Sharing - It's Not Like In Kindergarten ****

You learned as a child that it is good, proper, and nice to share with others.  This concept carries over to marriage, but it works a little differently than it did in kindergarten.
Let's say, for example, that you like to occasionally eat a banana.  You realize that your wife is not as fond of bananas as you are and that she rarely eats them.  You stop at a convenience store on your way home from work and they have some great-looking bananas.  You decide to buy two of them - one for today and the other one for tomorrow. You get home and place your bananas on the kitchen counter.  After dinner, you decide to have one of your bananas for a snack.  Your wife asks, "Can I have the other banana?"  Of course, you graciously say "Yes."  There goes tomorrow's banana.
A few days later, you stop at the same convenience store and they again have some great-looking bananas.  You decide to get yourself tw…
Marital Advice
***** A Gift She Will Never Forget *****

There will be numerous times throughout your marriage that you will buy your wife presents for her birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines Day, and other occasions.  Buying the perfect gift is an art and a science.  If you do this right, your wife will brag to her friends about the wonderful, thoughtful gift you gave her and she may even treasure it forever as a keepsake.  If you do it wrong, you will pay for it in ways that you cannot imagine.  
I could provide a list of ten things to do and not do when buying gifts for your wife, but the following true story might be easier to remember.
The Gift She Will Never Forget, Nor Will He
 It is Bill and Diane's first wedding anniversary.  They have a lovely dinner at home and share a bottle of good wine.  Now it is time to open the gifts that they purchased for each other.  
Bill opens his gift first.  It is the golf putter that he has been dropping hints about for the past two mo…
Marital Advice
***Buying Your First House***
When you buy your first house, be aware of The 80-20 Rule, that states your wife is in charge of 80 percent of the house and you are in charge of 20 percent, which, coincidentally, is the size of the garage. 

Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel - The Book
When my grandson, Joel, got engaged, I decided to jot down a few words of marital advice for him, based on my vast experience as a husband.  Then I thought, why share this wisdom with only one person when I can share it with the whole world.  So, I started this blog, listing new marital advice every week.  As the popularity of the blog grew, people suggested that the material should be a book and , well, here it is.  It is available on and also on and other sites.  Reviews of the book are starting to get posted online and the reviewers love it!  Check it out.

Settling Into Married Life - Sharing
You learned as a child…
Marital Advice
*****  BOOK RELEASE  *****
Over the past twenty weeks that I have posted marital advice on this blog, many people have suggested that the material should be turned into a book, well, here it is!

The book was published just days ago and is available in paperback and kindle ebook on and is also available on and other sites.
The book contains all of the information from the previous blog  posts plus much, much more, such as how a man can interpret a woman's body language, unique advice on buying a home that is worth thousands of times the price of any book on home buying, a simple, but surefire, investment system that will make you rich, and thirteen magical words that will virtually guarantee a happy and successful marriage. 
The book is written in the same upbeat, off-the-wall, humorous style as the posts in this blog.
Selected posts will remain on this site and each week I will post additional comments like the quotation at the bottom of this…
Marital Advice
Joel, that goofy look on your face right now apparently means that you have never before seen that word, Chivalry, have no idea how to pronounce it, and have no clue about what it means.  It probably also means that you're a fairly normal guy for this day and age.  But, I'm about to change all that.
Chivalry (pronounced "shiv-ul-ree") is the act of a man extending to a woman courteous, honorable, polite, respectful, attentive, gallant, and well-mannered behavior.  A chivalrous man might even be thought of as being charming, polished, and dashing–something like your Grandpa, if I may say so myself.

The Chivalrous Man In Action
If walking down the sidewalk with a woman after it has rained, the chivalrous man will walk on the outside, along the street, so if water splashes from a passing vehicle, it will splash on him and not on her.  If there is a water puddle in front of her on the sidewalk, he might remove his jacket and cover the puddle so his la…