Marital Advice

One of the things that readers of Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel, have enjoyed most are the short quotations scattered throughout the book, like the following.

A married couple develops their own language and secret code.  It might be a touch, wink, sigh, voice inflection, or word, such as "sleo," that has special meaning to them.  It is one of the unique things about married life that forms a special bond between the couple

In interpreting what your wife's body language means,  carefully scrutinize her voice, eyes, head movement, lips, laugh, fingers, hands, arms, and silence,  and then. . . . Guess.

Be careful what you confess to in a weak moment - women have a memory like an elephant.

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Marital Advice
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Marital Advice
Marital Wisdom, Passed Down for Generations
When any man gets engaged to be married, some well-meaning self-styled philosophers, including his brothers, uncles, friends, and even strangers, will take him aside and offer some marital advice.   Following is some of the marital advice I received when I got married that I passed down to my grandson, Joel, when he got engaged. 

Since some of this timeless wisdom and advice is quite deep and philosophical, I have added a few comments in parenthesis, based on my years of marital experience, to help Joel, and you, out a bit.

That Timeless Wisdom

"It takes a lot of effort to make a marriage work." (That advice is like giving you a rowboat somewhere off the coast of California, pointing out into the ocean, and saying, "If you paddle in that direction you'll eventually reach Hawaii.)

"Just treat her like one of the guys." (You might contemplate this advice carefully before you teach your wife how to cuss, ch…
Marital Advice
***** HAPPY EASTER! *****
Words of Wisdom
One of the things that readers and book reviewers of Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel have said that they like best are the short quotations sprinkled throughout the book.  Here are a few samples:
Just think - of the billions of men in the world,  your wife chose you. That's how special she thinks you are. Make it your life's mission to prove her right. 

When your wife gives you that steely-eyed, clinched-jaw scowl, known as "The Look," it means that you have obviously done something wrong, but what? You will find out as soon as she gets you alone. 

Maybe your wife is a first-rate cook and housekeeper; maybe she's not.  Even if she isn't, keep in mind that you didn't marry her for her domestic skills, anyway. You married her for the companionship and the love and joy that the two of you share.

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Marital Advice
***** You're Going to be Rich, Rich, Rich! ***** (Part 3 - The Plan)
In the last two weeks' posts, I presented investment advice that I gave to my grandson in the book, Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel.  This included noting some of the potential pitfalls of investing in the stock market, bonds, and commodities.

The Quiz

Two weeks ago I posed a quiz: What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average and how many stocks are in The Dow?  If you didn't know the answer, did you check it out?  Well, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) is one of most most widely-quoted indicators of the performance of the stock market.  It includes thirty stocks of well-known companies such as Exxon Mobile, General Electric, Coca Cola, Apple, and Nike. Last week, The Dow had its biggest drop in around two years, dropping more than 1,000 points.  Yikes!  This is proof of my statement that picking individual stocks and knowing when to buy and when to sell is extremely difficult. 

An Investme…
Marital Advice
***** You're Going to be Rich, Rich, Rich! ***** (Part 2)
Some of the most important advice that I gave to my grandson in the book, Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel, deals with how to avoid investment money traps and, in fact, how to become rich through investing.  Last week, in Part 1 on this topic, I discussed investing in stocks.  This week, let's take a look at two completely different investment possibilities:

Investing in Bonds

We'll make this short.  There are a lot of investments, like government bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, treasury bills, and money market certificates that pay interest on your investment.

My Advice: Normally, the interest rate is too low for a young person to invest in these.  Four or five decades from now, when you want to be more conservative with your investments, you might consider it.

Investing in Commodities

This is certain to happen, so pay attention.  Some day, a friend is going to say to you, "I know how we can…