*****  Marital Quotations, #2  *****

Short quotations that summarize some of the key concepts from Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joelare scattered throughout the book.  Here are some of those.

When you get married, the concept of "sharing" is a little
more complicated than it was back in kindergarten. 
You can never go wrong, though,
by giving your wife the biggest half.

If you want to show your wife your charming side,
read to her from a book of poetry or
inspirational quotations.
Don't overdo it, though, 
or she'll think you're up to something. 

Every day of your married life will be an adventure,
particularly on those days that the two of you
never even leave the house.

Here's a simple idea that will save you
a great deal of grief and misery:
Buy a large twelve-month calendar, the kind with a
large square for every day of the month.
Then, jot down on it your wife's birthday, your wedding
anniversary, and any other special days.
Oh, and then look at the calendar every once in a while.

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