Mother's Day Gift-Giving

Mother's Day in the United States is in one week, on Sunday, May 13.  Most likely, if you're a married man with children, you'll give your wife a nice Mother's Day card and maybe even a gift.  

The following quote is from a wife who had just received the best vacuum cleaner that money can buy as a gift from her husband on their first wedding anniversary.  No doubt her husband was expecting her to say something like, "Thank you so much for this wonderful gift that I can use every day and I'll think of you every time that I use it."  Below is what she actually said.

                     "Give me flowers, perfume, clothing, candy,
a book, a card,
or nothing at all - 
but do not ever buy me an implement of work
as a gift. 
Did you get the message, Bubba?"

I'd say the husband got off easy. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Copyright  ©  2018 By Peter Davidson