It's Not Criticism - It's Training

The basic premise of the book, Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel, (stated with a little tongue-in-cheek) is:  "When your wife chose to marry you, she apparently saw in you hidden potential that no other woman in the world was able to spot, including her mother, her sisters, and her friends.  For the rest of her life, your wife will try on a daily basis to coax, mold, and beat that hidden potential into some semblance of the admirable man she visualizes you have the ability to become."  

Some of that "training" is illustrated in the following quotes from the book:

"Buy me flowers, candy, clothing, jewelry,
perfume, a book, a card,
or nothing at all . . .
but do not ever buy me
an implement of work* as a gift."

*Vacuum cleaner, washing machine, lawn mower,
chain saw . . .  get it?

When your wife says, "Dear will you help me . . . ."
she doesn't mean next month, next week, tomorrow,
or when the game you're watching is over.
She means NOW.
So, hop to it and get it out of the way and then
you can peacefully return to what you were doing. 

Copyright  ©  2018 By Peter Davidson