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The Gift Horse - 101.4h

Settling Into Married Life (Continued)

There will be numerous times throughout your marriage that you will buy Abby presents for her birthday, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines Day, and other occasions.  Buying the perfect gift is an art and a science.  If you do this right, Abby will brag to her friends about the wonderful, thoughtful gift you gave her and may even treasure it forever as a keepsake.  If you do it wrong, you will pay in ways that you cannot even imagine.

I could provide a list of ten things to do and not to do when buying gifts for your wife, but the following true story might be easier to remember.

A Gift She Will Never Forget, Nor Will He

It is Bill and Diane's first wedding anniversary.  They have a lovely dinner at home and share a bottle of good wine.  Now, it is time to open the gifts that they purchased for each other.

Bill opens his gift first.  It is the golf putter that he has been dropping hints about for the past two months.

Now, Bill leads Diane into the living room where he had placed a huge box that he had wrapped personally.

With great anticipation and a big smile on her face, Diane slowly unwraps the box - and comes face to face with the most magnificent vacuum cleaner that money can buy.

Of course, Bill expected Diane to say something like, "Thank you, Bill.  This is something that I can use every day of the week and I will think of you every time that I use it.  This was so thoughtful of you."

What Diane did say no doubt wiped that goofy smile off of Bill's face.

"Why in the hell didn't you give me a scrub brush, broom, and dust pan while you were at it?  Let me explain how this works, Bubba.  Buy me flowers, candy, jewelry, clothing, perfume, a card, or nothing at all - but do not ever buy me an implement of work as a gift."

Did you get the message, Big Fella?

A woman gets married when she finds the man of her dreams.
A man gets married when he wakes up one morning and says
to himself, "I think it's time to get married," and he does - 
to the first woman who will have him. 

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