Marital Advice 101.4
Settling Into Married Life (Continued)

"The Look" 

Let's say Abby and you are out for the evening with friends, enjoying a few drinks and dinner at a nice restaurant.  Everybody is having a great time and it might be said that you are the life of the party.  

You glance at your wife, who is sitting across from you, and she is giving you "The Look." It is a steely-eyed, clinched-jaw scowl that means you have obviously done something very wrong, but what?

It could mean, "Stop staring at the waitress's boobs," "Stop staring at the waitress's ass," "Stop talking so loud," "Stop talking with your hands, they're waving all over the place," " Stop swearing,"
"Stop telling the same stories that you've told these people a dozen times," "You have again spilled steak sauce on your shirt," "You are getting shitfaced drunk," "Stop crushing your empty beer cans against your forehead," "Stop yelling 'Go Big Red' every time someone in a red shirt walks by," "You have been ignoring me," "Stop winking at the cocktail waitress," "You bought the last three rounds, let that tightass buy the next one," or "I'm bored and want to go home."  Or, it could be something else. 

Most likely, since there are so many possibilities of infractions that you might have committed, you are not going to figure it out.  But, you don't have to.  Within thirty seconds of when Abby gets you alone in the car, she will inform you.

You are told this little story to prepare you for the inevitable.  All wives give their husbands "The Look" from time to time and you'll probably never know what you did to trigger it until it is explained to you in no uncertain terms.  You can try to not do it again, but you're a guy, so good luck with that.  

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