Marital Advice

*****  BOOK RELEASE  *****

Over the past twenty weeks that I have posted marital advice on this blog, many people have suggested that the material should be turned into a book, well, here it is!

The book was published just days ago and is available in paperback and kindle ebook on and is also available on and other sites.

The book contains all of the information from the previous blog  posts plus much, much more, such as how a man can interpret a woman's body language, unique advice on buying a home that is worth thousands of times the price of any book on home buying, a simple, but surefire, investment system that will make you rich, and thirteen magical words that will virtually guarantee a happy and successful marriage. 

The book is written in the same upbeat, off-the-wall, humorous style as the posts in this blog.

Selected posts will remain on this site and each week I will post additional comments like the quotation at the bottom of this page. 

The original goal was to provide upbeat advice to the author's grandson about his role in his upcoming marriage and how to be a proper husband.  Now, as a book, the goal remains the same, but the audience includes all men, whether they are engaged, married, or single.  Women will enjoy the insight and humor of the book and will appreciate the book's message.

Marital Advice to my Grandson, Joel is now available on, and other sites. 

When your wife says, "Dear, will you help me . . . . ,"
she doesn't mean next month, next week, tomorrow,
or when the game you're watching is over.
She means NOW.
So hop to it and get it out of the way and then you
can peacefully return to what you were doing.

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